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Relax  - A free self-hypnosis audio recording 
This recording will give you a sample of the how effective self-hypnosis is to relax and let your subconscious absorb powerful, positive messages.  When you listen to this recording, please sit somewhere comfortable, close your eyes and let yourself relax.  The audio will guide you through the process.   For more information about hypnosis and self-hypnosis, please click here.

Do NOT listen to this recording while driving or operating equipment.  You will experience a deeper relaxation by closing your eyes and using headphones.  
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Take time for you!
Breathe.... Relax.... and let go....
Happiness, one of the tracks from the audio "Conscious Meditations for Peaceful Living."
This recording is for your own personal use.   Duplication or further distribution is prohited under copyright laws.