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Relax Into Your Inner Strength© (29:46 min.)      $14.95 
Self-hypnosis for Self-esteem, volume 1
Relax… breathe… let go of the tension and stress of life while increasing your inner strength, self-esteem and confidence.  By listening to this recording on an ongoing basis you will experience less anxiety and depression.  If you have a difficult time getting to sleep or staying asleep, listening to this recording will help you transition into a healthy night's rest.  (Listen to sample)

Self-Hypnosis Audio Recordings by Marlene Bennett, LMHC C.Ht.
We sell high quality recordings for your listening pleasure and personal growth.  To achieve the maximum  benefit, listen to a recording once a day.  You will find that even after listening to a self-hypnosis recording for several years, you will still be achieving positive changes.   Click here for more information about self-hypnosis.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Do  not listen to these recordings while driving or operating machinery.  You will experience the maximum enjoyment by sitting or lying comfortably and closing your eyes.  Click here for directions on how to use these recordings.
If you have any questions or would like a custom recording made for you, please contact me here.
The Mist of Sleep Self-Hypnosis© (34 min.)                      $14.95 
If you have problems getting to sleep or wake during the night and can't get back to sleep, listen to this recording when you are ready to drift into a pleasant night's rest.  It will help you relax, slow down your racing thoughts, and prepare you to drift into a pleasant night's rest and sleep all night long.  (Listen to sample)

Coming Together to Build Intimacy for Couples©      $14.95
(25 minutes)
This audio recording is designed to be listened to with your partner to bring you together and create openness to achieve sexual and emotional intimacy.  As time goes by in a relationship, walls get built and emotional distancing occurs from old wounds.  Listen to this recording just before sex to open your heart, to prepare your body and mind, and experience the pleasure of healing sexual intimacy. You may also choose to listen to this recording repeatedly until you both feel closer and more affectionate with each other.  (Listen to sample)
Click on the button next to each recording and you will be redirected to Paypal.  Once the transaction has taken place, you will receive an email with a link to download your recording.
This self-esteem self-hypnosis audio recording is designed to be used alone or in addition to "Relax Into Your Inner Strength."  As you relax and open to the power of the subconscious,  your deep inner mind can
​flow into connection with your own unique being.  You may also use this recording as you are going to sleep .  (Listen to sample)
Relax Into Your Perfect Self©  (34.50 min.)            $14.95
Self-hypnosis for Self-esteem, volume 2
Conscious Meditations for Peaceful Living©                     $14.95    
This recording is designed to be used while doing other activities, such as driving, cooking, working, etc.  The positive messages and music are uplifting and help to focus on the positive in life.    The more you listen, the deeper the positive messages with sink into your subconscious mind, contributing to a more peaceful life.  (Listen to sample)  

Relax Into Mindful Eating© (34 min.)                         $14.95
Self-hypnosis for weight loss

Experience the power of self-hypnosis when using this recording to assist in creating mindfulness around food and a return to healthy eating behaviors. Experience a deep relaxation while building your resources for weight loss and healthy eating habits.  (Listen to sample)  
Flow of Serenity© (23 minutes)                                     $14.95
Self-hypnosis for Self-esteem, volume 3

This self-hypnosis meditation for self acceptance and relaxation guides you effortlessly into a state of tranquility and well-being.  Let the gentle lapping water remove the stress from your mind and body.  Reconnect with your center and experience the peace of your authentic self.  You may also use this recording to drift into sleep.  (Listen to sample)