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Evergreen Counseling & Hypnotherapy
Welcome to the Self-hypnosis Audio Recordings of Marlene Bennett, LMHC of Evergreen Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC
If you’re looking for high quality and effective self-hypnosis and/or meditation audio recordings, you have just arrived at the right place.  Marlene Bennett, licensed mental health counselor and clinical hypnotherapist, offers you 26 years of expertise in creating change by supporting the subconscious mind with new, positive ways of thinking and feeling.  These quality and innovative audio recordings will bring you inner peace and assist you with the changes you desire for self-esteem, anxiety, depression, restful sleep, weight loss and food issues, increased  emotional and sexual intimacy with your partner. 

By using self-hypnosis for weight loss you will be targeting your mind and body where the problem originates. Losing weight and living healthy is not about willpower.  The answer is found by assisting the subconscious with positive self-esteem, reconnecting the mind with the body, and returning food and health to a new way of living and eating.  Combine the audio recordings for self-esteem and inner strength with the self-hypnosis for weight loss for a comprehensive approach to permanent change.

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